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Count me with Paula J ... or as a sig stated:

	"The corporation *cannot* be ethical, its only responsibility is to make a
profit." - Milton Friedman

However, the responsibility for ethical behavior *does* rest with
individuals (kinda scary) and the Justice Dept (aptly named, huh?).  These
*can* make a corporation ethical ... well ... more or less ...  maybe if a
lot of individuals are customers - that helps too ... or those individuals
want to be/stay elected ...

But yes, those who *do count* think in 3 month increments (with the
exception of the government types), unfortunately.  That's what happened
when banks, investment houses, and such started running businesses.


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&gt; Eichler, Paula J. wrote:
&gt; &gt;Corporations have no loyalty except to the bottom line.  Does anyone
&gt; &gt;even question that?  The only way to keep jobs in this country is to
&gt; &gt;give companies incentive to hire Americans over outsourcing overseas.
&gt; &gt;President Bush could use his influence to get in front of the podium and
&gt; &gt;say &quot;Hire an American if you love your country&quot; rather than &quot;typing
&gt; &gt;classes and cash register training for everyone&quot;.  Truth is, I doubt he
&gt; &gt;gives a crap.
&gt; &gt;
&gt; I don't think it's as simple as blaming corporations and government. If
&gt; stockholders (i.e. 401K participants) didn't expect dividends and
&gt; increasing stock values NOW, not ten years from now things might be
&gt; different.
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