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You'll need someplace to store the image, and you'll need to do a
little prep work before and afterward due to possible driver changes.


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&gt;&gt;&gt; admin at synban.com 1/27/2004 11:41:50 AM &gt;&gt;&gt;

I am conteplating a problem:
I have an old Novell 3.2 server at work that does not have a lot of
left in it. There is a lot of important data on the drives of this
and I need to move all the data from the RAID 5 drives over to another
machine. I need an exact copy without having to reinstall novell and
software that is running on it. This machine has been here for a lot
longer than I have and I am missing a lot of info about it.
What would you guys recommend would be my best course of action?
Any software that could do this for me? (Any O/S linux/whatever) Copy
image of these drives over to another server?
Thanks in advance,
Emil P. Man

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