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Ah.. and how am I to do that, pray tell?

...That is my whole point.


"The Game", as you so eloquently put it, is played by people that 
have control of a few million dollars of other people's money.  One 
doesn't "learn to play" it.  

As a random example of "The Game" in action, did you know that Ford,
General Motors, and Chrystler are not car companies?  They make the vast
majority of their income on loans, which just so happen to be for cars 
that they manufacture.

I can read the writing on the wall.  I know my job (and perhaps even my
profession) won't exist in five years, at least not in this country. 
So I'm planning accordingly.  In the mean time my employer (and I) will
have to subsist on whatever scraps the players of "the game" choose to
toss in our direction.

 - Pizza
Solomon Peachy                                   pizza at f*cktheusers.org
                                                           ICQ #1318444
Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur                 Melbourne, FL
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