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No doubt. But then, it's impossible *not* to exaggerate its downside
when you've lost your flow of income. For the person who's lost his/her
job, that's *everything*. Doubly so in a situation where it's difficult
to find a comparable position.

I don't advocate protectionism; I really don't. (In fact, I tend to
think the offshoring fad is a short-lived phenomenon that's sorting
itself out.) But to simply say "it's probably for the best," well, no,
it's not. Just because the market's done it, that doesn't necessarily
make it a good thing.

If you want to argue that protectionism's a bad thing, fine, I probably
won't disagree with you. But if you want to claim that offshoring is a
GOOD thing, I'm sorry, that's bullocks.

(For the record, I lost one job indirectly to outsourcing, and
currently am in a position where outsourcing is an unlikely

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