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> > "Ritesh Maniar reminds me that Hexaware has scored a Level 5 rating from
> > Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute, the highest
> > international standard a software company can achieve. The others are
> > quick to note that, of the 70 or so companies in the world that have
> > earned this designation, half are from India. Over several days, here
> > and at other companies, I hear this factoid repeated like a campaign
> > talking point.
> Actually, the issue is that indians live in a society where structure and
> methods are very tightly trained into them at young ages.
> Driving down the street, you'll see a huge number of ISO certified
> businesses.  SEI5 isn't terribly surprising, honestly.  The society has
> reached a point where structure and red-tape are not "ugh, how annoying"
> but rather "triplicate, check."  If you try to do something WITHOUT a
> plan, process, or structure, it can actually confuse people :o

If that is the case, they won't survive in most IT shops ;) Chaos and
lack of planning run awry in the US of A :)

> --attriel
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