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On Wednesday 28 January 2004 03:56 pm, Bob Toxen wrote:
> I mentioned the following on a security posting related to the MyDoom/SCO
> DDos virus:
> > Regarding the SCO DDoS, it's so sad when a thief (of services)
> > decides to attack a blackmailer, in my opinion.
> (I certainly did not want to condone the DDoS but I wanted to
> express lack of sympathy for SCO too.)
> Btw, I just checked SCO's web site.  www.sco.com is toast!  See for
> yourself if you like.

Good Morning Silicon Valley featured this reply from a reader when they stated 
that the worm was likely the work of Linux fans who wanted to get even with 

"Knocking SCO.com offline is not its *sole* purpose. From what I've read, it 
installs a backdoor on the infected machine and will probably let the writer 
use millions of machines as spam relays, or for phishing attacks. Note that 
spammers have plenty of reason to want to defame the open source community, 
since some of the best spam-blocking tools are open source. Anti-virus firms 
have no great love for OSS either, since their business model depends on 
fundamentally insecure platforms such as Windows. SCO can be counted upon to 
scream very loudly and draw attention away from the other purposes of the 
worm. They can probably also be counted upon to fall victim to the DDOS, in 
spite of having been warned several days in advance." 

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