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>Actually, the issue is that indians live in a society where structure and
>methods are very tightly trained into them at young ages.
>Driving down the street, you'll see a huge number of ISO certified
>businesses.  SEI5 isn't terribly surprising, honestly.  The society has
>reached a point where structure and red-tape are not "ugh, how annoying"
>but rather "triplicate, check."  If you try to do something WITHOUT a
>plan, process, or structure, it can actually confuse people :o

Structure and methods tend to inhibit creativity and innovation. I think 
one of the reasons the U.S. has been so successful is our relatively 
unstructured society and economy. But there's risk with every freedom. 
One of the risks of free enterprise is that someone else will do what 
you do better and cheaper. The challenge then is to either out do them 
or find something different to do.

The Japanese have succeeded more because of refinement of techonologies 
and processes, and being willing to take short-term losses to achieve 
long-term profits. I think the Indians are somewhat like the Japanese, 
who also have a highly-structured society.



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