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Yeah, I get the rag.  Personally, I don't like the attitude:

"Ritesh Maniar reminds me that Hexaware has scored a Level 5 rating from 
Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute, the highest 
international standard a software company can achieve. The others are 
quick to note that, of the 70 or so companies in the world that have 
earned this designation, half are from India. Over several days, here 
and at other companies, I hear this factoid repeated like a campaign 
talking point.

Translation: We're not just cheaper, we're better."

Point is, if you gave me 6 people to do the job of 1, I'd be able to put 
out better quality work too.  Who else has worked for a large 
corporation?  Do they give you the time to give it your 100%?  Hell no. 
  You design it, you create it, you test it and they give you the 
schedule.  Figure that one out.  Either that or you're working 12 hour 
days.  No thanks Corporate America, if I'm going to work 12 hour days, 
I'll do it for myself.

Until later, Geoffrey                     Registered Linux User #108567
Building secure systems inspite of Microsoft

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