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Greetings Ren?,

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On 1/27/2004 at 7:43 PM Rene Rasmussen wrote:

>Actually I have made a special email address  that is only used with
>the ale mailinglist.

Same here, and I've noticed that several others do to.  GMTA.  ;c)

>I have setup a filter checking the reply-to address and the subject
>line. If these two doesn't refer to ale then the message is deleted.
>I haven't received one single spam email on that email address yet.
>(don't know if this aproach is fool proof, just wanted to share my
>idea) ;-)  

Yes, that is a good approach.  However, I don't want to stop it even
at the server level... I want to stop it at the sender level whenever
possible.  Of course, you've given me a good idea on how to extend
those spam-prone email addresses.  Thank you. :)

Robert Reese~

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