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The Klipper is the culprit for that irritating clipboard 
function.  If you check out how to configure klipper it can 
become quite useful.  The irritating stuff is easily stopped 
by reconfiguring how it runs.

John Mills wrote:
> ALErs -
> I'm running KDE on RedHat-7.3 and would like to turn off two settings
> (locally or globally).
>  1. I don't want the CD to autorun when loaded (usually brings up a file 
>     manager),
>  and
>  2. I want to disable the automatic inquiry whether to open something
>     with a web browser - or at least learn how to clear it's little
>     memory. (Once I've selected a text area that KDE thinks _might_ be a 
>     web site, it offers to open _some_ @#$%!! location just about every
>     time I click the mouse!!)
> <RANT>
> This type of $%#^!! is perhaps a 'must have' for MsWIn users, but not for 
> me!
> </RANT>
> TIA.
>  - John Mills
>    john.m.mills at alum.mit.edu
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