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Given the use of email addresses in sigs, RFCs, announcements, and code
samples (not to mention emails containing valid addresses that posters
are trying to share, i.e. Congressmen, etc), it would require human
intervention (i.e. a moderator, also not perfect) to scan each email and
decide what email addresses should remain. 

If you don't want your address public, get a diff email account for
public lists.

-Jim P.

On Mon, 2004-01-26 at 22:32, Robert Reese wrote:
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> I'd love that to, but it isn't quite what I meant.  What I meant was
> for the list manager (sorry, I don't know who that is) to change the
> behavior of the archives so that the email addresses cannot be
> obtained via bots or search engines.  I have seen a good many lists
> that offer this protection for the  members.
> Thanks,
> Robert Reese~
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> On 1/26/2004 at 6:37 PM Greg wrote:
> >OpenBSD has spamd - a way to make the spamming machines groan
> >resource-wise.
> >I am certain that there are Linux variants on this and I would
> >suggest using
> >them with abandon/extreme prejudice.  If you find one that makes the
> >machines catch fire and produce copious amounts of shrapnel upon the
> >bodies of the spammers, then I will happily replace my OpenBSD
> >firewall with Debian.
> >
> >Greg
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