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Ark looks especially interesting.

- Jeff

On Sun, 2004-01-25 at 20:30, Dan Lambert wrote:
&gt; That's pretty much been my take on the desktop Linux outlook too, Jeff.
&gt; I've been fiddling with Linux for a while, but never really got serious
&gt; until recently. I have in the past, run Red Hat 7.x, SuSE 7.x, Debian, and a
&gt; couple of others. Never was really happy with any of them as desktop
&gt; environments. I started working with Red Hat 9, and the tools have gotten
&gt; exponentially better, but still aren't quite there for a daily use desktop
&gt; OS.
&gt; Now I understand that there is a better mousetrap, so I figure it's time to
&gt; start looking for something that can replace the MS junk I have. I have to
&gt; live with compatibility issue relating to MS Office, as that's the chosen
&gt; lingua franca of the business world I have to live in. I've gotten fairly
&gt; comfortable with the KDE front end, and using OpenOffice.org, but still need
&gt; publishing tools and an Adobe Acrobat writer replacement.
&gt; I have to be able to create embedded PDFs for publication on a press, etc.,
&gt; and many other common business tasks. As soon as these needs are met and I'm
&gt; comfortable with the system, I can start moving all of my other computers to
&gt; the same OS.
&gt; As you can tell, I'm really tired of the same old MSBS.
&gt; Dan
&gt; PS: Where in Lilburn are you?
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&gt; &gt; Dan -
&gt; &gt;
&gt; &gt; Hello, fellow Linux fiend of Lilburn!
&gt; &gt;
&gt; &gt; Mandrake and SuSE are very well thought of in that regard.  Mandrake's
&gt; &gt; urpmi toolset is analagous to Debian's apt-get ans had made living with
&gt; &gt; Mandrake a lot easier.  I expect SuSE has something similar now.
&gt; &gt; Genroo, Debian, and Slackware are usable too, but it may be more effort
&gt; &gt; to get everything looking and working the way you want it.  To the
&gt; &gt; extend that Fedora is like the Red Hat of old, that would be very usable
&gt; &gt; too.
&gt; &gt;
&gt; &gt; - Jeff
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