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> On Jan 21, 2004, at 9:51 AM, Dan Newcombe wrote:
> >Can't make out which way the slant on it is.
> >But hey...it's from the guy that brought us Leisure Suit Larry!!!

> The slant is: If you're a hyper geek, use linux. If you're not, use 
> something else.

> No random user should *ever* have to "recompile their kernel".
I'll take a controlled deliberate recompilation of my kernel to a
nightmare reinstall with massive loss of data due to Registry corruption
due to incompetent programming at M$.  Sheesh.  Computer Science figured
out the locking issues to avoid that problem back in the 1960s!

> "Optimize their system" yes.

> Same thing, different mindset.

> -Bop

Bob Toxen
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&quot;Microsoft: Unsafe at any clock speed!&quot;
   -- Bob Toxen 10/03/2002

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