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>Hey folks! This isn't coming from my computer, unless the virus is able to 
>infect Linux boxes too. I don't run Windows here. So, this virus is spoofing 
>with e-mail addresses it finds in the victim's address book.
>On Wednesday 21 January 2004 12:07 am, jcphil at mindspring.com wrote:
>> Test =)
>>Test, yep.
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Not coming from me either as Nortons is catching it coming in and 
killing it.  Besides I use Mozilla to read email so the virus cannot 
gain access to my address list.  Even if it did Nortons watches for 
suspect activity like several of the same subject being sent out or a 
msg being sent to several recipients at once and flags me for approval 
before sending.  The ladder can be annoying but I can accept it for the 
protection it gives me.


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