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Right wrong or indifferent or just stupid, my little server host name is "server".  Since I dialed/DSL'd into mindspring I would put mindspring as the domain.  I don't think my little home network cares as I am hiding behind a linksys router and have the classic 192.168.1.x ip address.

Thanks for the tip.  I will keep looking.


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On Mon, 19 Jan 2004, Armsby John-G16665 wrote:

&gt; All,  
&gt; I seem to have lost the recipe for sending postfix mail (from the mail command) to computers outside of mindspring.com.  
&gt; a simple mail -s test john &lt; Message.txt works for the john account on the box.
&gt; a simple mail -s test john at mindspring.com &lt; Message.txt works for my mail from mindspring.com
&gt; I can not send mail anymore outside of mindspring.com..

So mindspring's not relaying your mail to the rest of the Internet?

&gt; I have distilled the main.cf file down to a readable level.  Does anything look obviously broken?


# postconf -n

in the future for this -- it prints all non-default parameters....

&gt; myhostname =server.mindspring.com
&gt; mydomain = mindspring.com

Are these correct? Everything else looked reasonable....

At any rate, try to send an email outside, then post what /var/log/maillog 
says for that.

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