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On 1/19/2004 at 8:04 PM Greg wrote:

>because I like windows for desktop work (and need it for work) -
>though I  

I use windows most of the time, and am too new to linux to rely on
it.  Cold turkey isn't an option, so please don't go there...  :(

>understand the implications of it better than the majority of
>windows users security wise, so I have installed Norton AV and Zone
>Alarms as well as other stuff to squelch the virii.

Greg, you may be interested in using Eudora, Pegasus, Opera, or
Calypso/Courier ( my favorite) instead of Outlook to further enhance
your email security, especially in light of GUIs embedded in html
spam reporting back a confirmed email address, as well as any other
little nasties waiting to pounce when the html is activated.


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