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I have had a major problem recently with my hardware, the box has died. I'm
having to RMA the box but I've just gotten back from being out of town for a
month. (Was travelling with it, really sucked that it died.. cost me money
in calling cards)

The support is lousy, hard to get to them. Also, it took me a very long time
to get a phone number (could still make calls, just not recieve) and I
eventually went with a San Diego phone number since I wasn't having luck
getting an "atlanta" one (678 only.. no 770 or 404 numbers.. Vonage has them
and will give you one before your equipment arrives)

If cost is the big issue, go with packet8.. if reliability and support are
the big need, Vonage is much better.


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Andyone here been using VOIP?  I'm thinking of going trying
<a  rel="nofollow" href="http://www.packet8.net";>http://www.packet8.net</a> .
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