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The tgz binary download installed and runs fine on my RH 7.3 system [Gnome - 
Sawfish]. I've used it so far with HP 4P and 4C ScanJets over SCSI. It 
automagically recognized both units, though the software reported the 4C  as 
a 6100C - the models probably share the same command sets. I've also opened 
and explored most of the numerous control settings. There are a couple of 
operational GUI quirks, like the control menu panels taking several seconds 
to render the first time you access them, but no major bugs have been 
stumbled across so far.

As Sean noted, the program is free for home use, though this is not advertised 
on the web page and is only stated in the program's start-up splash screen / 
registration page. The only (Linux purist) negative to note is that the 
program appears to be closed source.

I'm going to try out the Mac OSeX  version at work next week and hope the boss 
will consider the investment.


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