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aaron wrote:

> The real problem is that the majority of any percentage of consumers
> who might currently settle for the marginal products of Micro$haft
> (whether the number is factually stated or a 99.9% fabrication) have
> never had an opportunity to receive honest, informative exposure to
> any of the alternatives.  The extortionist, exclusionary criminal
> monoply obstructions of Micro$haft corrupt the free market to the
> extent that most people have little significant access to
> experiencing,  comparing,  purchasing or using any computing platform
> alternatives. .
> While geeks may exhibit a special appreciation for the more esoteric
> aspects of the computer gadgets and gizmos world, their basic
> consumer requisites are the same as they are for any other technology
> consumer: they want a reliable, open, comprehensible and secure
> product from a company or community that respects, appreciates and
> supports their patronage. Informed technology consumers know that
> Micro$haft fails to offer real advantages in any of those critical
> points.
> The arguments come back to a frequently prooven failing of capitalist
> systems. Simply stated, competitor exclusion becomes easier to pursue
> than product excellence when there are few ethical consequences to
> mediate the greed motive.
> peace aaron
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Until later, Geoffrey	esoteric at 3times25.net

Building secure systems inspite of Microsoft

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