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It generates m3u files under ~/mp3/ that you open with xmms 
to enable xmms to know where that album is.  Now, if you 
have more than 50 albums that method may be a little to flat 
to work with.  Maybe having the m3u file for an individual 
album put in inside the artist subdirectory would be easier 
to deal with.

Robert L. Harris wrote:
> Actually "grip" will do this nicely if you take the time to look at the
> config settings.  Took me a while but it was great once I actually
> looked.  Sucker is VERY flexible.
> Thus spake Christopher Fowler (cfowler at outpostsentinel.com):
>>I have made the decision to convert my huge CD collection to MP3 now
>>that I have a DVD burner.  My CD's take up too much room and I can just
>>store them in my attic.  I normally use mp3c but I would still like to
>>use it but in script form to create a structure like this on disk:
>>Has anyone written scripts that can do this?  Maybe even a perl script
>>that can read the information from the mp3 file and place it in those
>>directores.  Maybe even outmut a 
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