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Actually "grip" will do this nicely if you take the time to look at the
config settings.  Took me a while but it was great once I actually
looked.  Sucker is VERY flexible.

Thus spake Christopher Fowler (cfowler at outpostsentinel.com):

> I have made the decision to convert my huge CD collection to MP3 now
> that I have a DVD burner.  My CD's take up too much room and I can just
> store them in my attic.  I normally use mp3c but I would still like to
> use it but in script form to create a structure like this on disk:
> <genre>/<artist>/<album>/<mp3>
> Has anyone written scripts that can do this?  Maybe even a perl script
> that can read the information from the mp3 file and place it in those
> directores.  Maybe even outmut a 
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