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The implication is that your box sent a packet to 
("Advised path = ...") using as a gateway.  The gateway 
sent back an ICMP Redirect message ("Redirect from ...") saying that 
packets addressed to don't need to be routed through  Instead, they can be sent directly to

Your box logged the redirect and properly ignored it because ppp0 is 
a point-to-point link, which requires that all traffic via ppp0 can 
only be routed to the gateway at the other end of the link.

When I perform a traceroute to, I found that the 21st 
hop is sometimes (2 out of 3 responses), and sometimes (1 out of three responses):

16  bar02-p2-0.lwllhe1.ma.attbb.net (  36.687 ms  37.536 ms  36.851 ms
17  bar02-p6-0.lwrnhe1.ma.attbb.net (  37.447 ms  39.496 ms  37.969 ms
18 (  36.825 ms  36.337 ms  37.311 ms
19 (  36.656 ms  37.491 ms  37.051 ms
20 (  37.948 ms  36.703 ms  37.193 ms
21  h0040f439d853.ne.client2.attbi.com (  48.013 ms  h0800464e1b0a.ne.client2.attbi.com (  115.679 ms h0040f439d853.ne.client2.attbi.com (  86.161 ms

Clearly there should only be 1 hop from to, but on occasion routes the packet to instead.  Apparently when this happens, 
sends a ICMP redirect which is coming all the way back to you.


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