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> Looking at their prices, they want to charge an additional $10 per
> month for a single static IP and $70 per month for 5 static IPs for
> residential users. For Business users they want to charge $40 per
> month for 1 static IP, $60 for 5, $80 for 13 and $120 for 29 static
> IPs.
> Compare this to Speakeasy's SysAdmin package for $10/month extra you
> get 2-4 Static IPs for the comparable service.  Maybe I'm wierd, but
> I don't like it when I see a company doing some obvious gouging on
> their prices for things like this.

Speakeasy is definitely a larger operator, thus can under cut on the 
prices in some cases.  Seems Speedfactory is pretty competitive with 
residental rates.  Who needs more than 1 static IP at home?

Until later, Geoffrey	esoteric at 3times25.net

Building secure systems inspite of Microsoft

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