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:=Frank S. Glass wrote:
:=> Quoting Geoffrey <esoteric at 3times25.net>:
:=> [ stuff deleted ]
:=>> I'd highly suggest Speedfactory.
:=<mostuff deleted>
:=> Where is their technical support?  I have begun the painful process
:=> of switching away from Earthlink and am considering SpeedFactory and
:=> Speakeasy.  Although I have had _no_ technical support issues with
:=> Earthlink in a year, I can't in good conscience remain with a company
:=> that's laying off lots of Atlanta area staff to outsource to India.
:=They are most definitely local, Shallowford Rd. Marietta.  They are not 
:=as big as, say SpeakEasy, but they are very professional.  Support's 
:=local, I've talked to the same guys all the time.  Their whole operation 
:=is here.

Looking at their prices, they want to charge an additional $10 per month for
a single static IP and $70 per month for 5 static IPs for residential users.
For Business users they want to charge $40 per month for 1 static IP, $60
for 5, $80 for 13 and $120 for 29 static IPs.

Compare this to Speakeasy's SysAdmin package for $10/month extra you get 2-4
Static IPs for the comparable service.  Maybe I'm wierd, but I don't like it
when I see a company doing some obvious gouging on their prices for things
like this.

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 really worth it if you give it a try.&quot; -- Cowboy Mouth, 'Easy'

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