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On Thursday 08 January 2004 05:06 pm, Mazukna, Tomas wrote:
> Yes I did. I kill mgetty every time after updated config to see new pid
> appear.
> I played some more with configuration with no luck. Will try upgrading
> modem firmware once I get back home.
> If all fails I will try hylafax.. And see if I get better results...
> Just had all the conversion and database scripts done for mgetty ... Ech
> Later,
> Tomas

All of this seems like an incredible pain in the ass. I'm running Efax, which 
should handle the needs of almost any single-user setup. If you can tell it 
which port your modem is on, then it runs. I have a GUI frontend for KDE that 
makes it even easier. You may want to consider running a simpler program. 
Hylafax would just be worse, as it's a client-server solution designed for a 
multi-user environment. Of course....YMMV.
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