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Some words are obviously from a dictionary while others are just random.
If you mark that e-mail as spam (which you would probably do) then the
words will be placed into your spam dictionary for recognition. This is 
to create a huge database over time and has to slow down the process of spam

Does anyone know what kind of database the various
spambusters use? Might it just be a flat file? If so, I understand what 
accomplishing since speed varies directly with size.

>On Thursday 08 January 2004 10:43, Sean Kilpatrick wrote:
>>I'm just curious as to what might be going on here.
>>I got this spam this morning with yesterday's time stamp,
>>and a message size of 2.8 KB.
>>>"Message subject
>>>Date: Yesterday 11:06:04 pm
>>>From: "Forest Schneider" <ysuqipufqwpdxh at yahoo.com>
>>>To: kimkrizelman at mindspring.com, kimpeabody at mindspring.com,
>>>kilpatms at mindspring.com, kimberlyjane at mindspring.com,
>>>killo at mindspring.com, kiki1423 at mindspring.com
>>>Reply to: "Forest Schneider" <ysuqipufqwpdxh at yahoo.com>
>>>counterflow circumsphere deforestation dissonant they're barber
>>>shine oxonian tonal penelope filet bay sinusoidal
>>>felix drug newsmen soutane magruder barbudo join mummy upstream l's"
>>What might this spammer be fishing for?
>I am also interested. Someone asked me to investigate this type of spam and I 
>have not gotten around to it. As you will see below, the messages are longer 
>and have arrived in 3 styles. I don't even know what to search for to get 
>info on this.

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