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[no subject]

I'm just curious as to what might be going on here.

I got this spam this morning with yesterday's time stamp,
and a message size of 2.8 KB.

> "Message subject
> Date: Yesterday 11:06:04 pm
> From: "Forest Schneider" <ysuqipufqwpdxh at yahoo.com>
> To: kimkrizelman at mindspring.com, kimpeabody at mindspring.com,
> kilpatms at mindspring.com, kimberlyjane at mindspring.com,
> killo at mindspring.com, kiki1423 at mindspring.com
> Reply to: "Forest Schneider" <ysuqipufqwpdxh at yahoo.com>

> counterflow circumsphere deforestation dissonant they're barber 
> shine oxonian tonal penelope filet bay sinusoidal 
> felix drug newsmen soutane magruder barbudo join mummy upstream l's"

What might this spammer be fishing for?


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