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anyone going to capture this for us "distance impaired" folk?  i have a
project due and am currently pulling 16 hour days.

also would Tom mind sharing an email with his declick/dehiss technique?

i have a large converting project (that i am trying to put off for a while)
where i will need some pointers.


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&gt; From: Michael D. Hirsch [<a  rel="nofollow" href="mailto:mhirsch";>mailto:mhirsch</a> at nubridges.com]
&gt; Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2004 7:47 AM
&gt; To: Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts
&gt; Subject: [ale] Today's ALE Central meeting
&gt; Analog Audio Recording and Archiving with Linux
&gt;                  Presented by
&gt;                  Tom Younker
&gt; Abstract:                      
&gt; This presentation will demonstrate the use of free tools to 
&gt; capture the
&gt; sound of LP albums to hard drive, and the subsequent processing into
&gt; individual songs suitable for burning to CD.  The splitting of each
&gt; side into tracks and the declicking of tracks will be covered, plus
&gt; creating a makefile to painlessly encode the tracks (with title
&gt; details) to ogg or mp3 format.  Also included will be a demonstration
&gt; of a new graphical tool which allows noise reduction on selected
&gt; portions of tracks, plus an interesting CD label printing tool.
&gt; This is not intended to be a comprehensive view of all tools, but of
&gt; an end-to-end solution that worked for one vinyl collector.  Those
&gt; present are encouraged to ask questions and to supplement from their
&gt; own experience.
&gt; Bio:
&gt; Tom veered from his engineering degree program for a B.S. in Computer
&gt; Science in 1975.  He spent 2 years making computer microfilm, then 10
&gt; years programming cash registers for J.C. Penney, and has been
&gt; self-employed (and sometimes self-unemployed) ever since.  In the
&gt; mid-90s he moved from software into basic IT support (having no
&gt; interest in navigating the WinAPI), diagnosing and repairing computer
&gt; hardware/software/networking problems.  He discovered Linux in 1998,
&gt; and has used it daily since early 2001, plus installing it for
&gt; clients, friends, and anyone else who'll listen. 
&gt; He lives in Decatur with his wife JaVonn, who still uses a Mac and
&gt; AppleWorks to prepare lesson plans for her 4th grade class.  Each of
&gt; them has a twin brother, hence the address pairoftwins at mindspring.com 
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