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This presentation will demonstrate the use of free tools to capture the
sound of LP albums to hard drive, and the subsequent processing into
individual songs suitable for burning to CD.  The splitting of each
side into tracks and the declicking of tracks will be covered, plus
creating a makefile to painlessly encode the tracks (with title
details) to ogg or mp3 format.  Also included will be a demonstration
of a new graphical tool which allows noise reduction on selected
portions of tracks, plus an interesting CD label printing tool.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive view of all tools, but of
an end-to-end solution that worked for one vinyl collector.  Those
present are encouraged to ask questions and to supplement from their
own experience.

Tom veered from his engineering degree program for a B.S. in Computer
Science in 1975.  He spent 2 years making computer microfilm, then 10
years programming cash registers for J.C. Penney, and has been
self-employed (and sometimes self-unemployed) ever since.  In the
mid-90s he moved from software into basic IT support (having no
interest in navigating the WinAPI), diagnosing and repairing computer
hardware/software/networking problems.  He discovered Linux in 1998,
and has used it daily since early 2001, plus installing it for
clients, friends, and anyone else who'll listen. 

He lives in Decatur with his wife JaVonn, who still uses a Mac and
AppleWorks to prepare lesson plans for her 4th grade class.  Each of
them has a twin brother, hence the address pairoftwins at mindspring.com 

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