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Yet another reason why DHCP is a badly designed protocol.  Who created it
anyway?  The other reason is that it is UDP which is spoofable, rather than
TCP which is not with a decent stack.  Microsoft?


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&gt; Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2004 7:26 AM
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&gt; On Mon, Jan 05, 2004 at 03:20:48PM -0800, Berlin Brown wrote:

&gt; &gt; I almost have my comcast cable modem setup.  I think I just need a primary
&gt; &gt; dns, nameserver using ips only.  Does anybody have the dns for atlanta
&gt; from
&gt; &gt; comcast, emory area.

&gt; That's an interesting question. Everything for comcast is set up via DHCP 
&gt; right?

&gt; &gt;  

&gt; &gt; I cant find it on the net.  And the people at comcast wont give it to me.
&gt; &gt; Redhat is supposed to pick it up, but it didnt?

&gt; That's real interesting. Actually it just got more interesting as I checked
&gt; my smoothwall machine and it's acting as its own caching nameserver. So
&gt; I don't have the address either.

&gt; BTW the cc.gatech.edu College of Computing server will serve DNS addresses
&gt; to anyone who asks. It's what I always use when I don't know the local 
&gt; address:

&gt; &gt;  

&gt; &gt; Funny thing, when the comcast tech came.  At first I never even thought
&gt; you
&gt; &gt; needed a windows machine(havent installed a win machine in 2 years).
&gt; Anyway
&gt; &gt; the guy went nuts over it.

&gt; Not only typical, but it's in your Terms of Service.

&gt; &gt;  I said fine, just leave the modem, 'We can't do
&gt; &gt; that, once you get windows up, we will send another guy out.'  

&gt; Again the standard response.

&gt; &gt; B.S.!, just  leave the modem, Ill figure it out, then he left.

&gt; It's unfair, but makes sense. Here's the facts of the matter:

&gt; 1) The techs only have limited training.
&gt; 2) The customers generally know nothing about computers and networking.
&gt; Usually
&gt;    this gives the techs an advantage, until they come across one of us. ;-)
&gt; 3) It costs money to train for another OS and....
&gt; 4) They can lose their jobs if they leave without it being set up.

&gt; It's a tough life for us Linux folks, but in fact I and appreciate the
&gt; policy because if they did train the Techs (both rolling and phone),
&gt; the cost of service goes up.
The service does not go up.  The $600 a year that one Linux user spends
is more enough to add two lines to the script that the Techs use.

&gt; On the phone I always tell 1st level tech support that's it's a Windows 2000
&gt; box. I patiently explain that it's the cable modem, not my machine. If I
&gt; get to second level I ask &quot;Do you want to hear the truth?&quot;. Usually they do,
&gt; but they don't flip out. I ask them what they are looking for and translate.
Yes, the only way I got the MediaMinusOne (that became ComCast) morons to
verify that they miskeyed my MAC address (despite my handing them a printed
copy) was by lying and saying that I hat Windoze95.

&gt; I still find it interesting that no DNS info comes through...

&gt; BAJ

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