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On Mon, Jan 05, 2004 at 03:01:57PM -0600, Preston Boyington wrote:
> apparently my mortgage has been sold to another institution (Chase Manhattan
> Mortgage Corporation).  while skimming over the paperwork i notice the
> following:
> (the complete privacy policy is at:
> www.chase.com/privacy)
> Q. Is information about me shared within the Chase family of companies?
> A. Yes
> (well i would assume that is a given... but then i find:)
> Q. Is information about me shared with service providers and financial
> companies outside of Chase?
> A. Yes.  We may share information about you with outside companies that work
> for Chase.  These may include marketing firms.  We may also share
> information about you with outside financial companies that have a joint
> marketing agreements with us.  
> Q. Is information about me shared with non-financial companies?
> A. Yes.  But we strictly limit the information we share with companies
> making non-financial offers.
> (well i would guess they wouldn't want to sell my information to anyone that
> could undercut their business...)
> Q. Is information about me shared in any other ways?
> A. Yes.  We may also share information about you as required or premitted by
> law.
> neat.  somehow i have bought (or am buying?) the privledge of assisting
> someone with their marketing research.  of course the "do not call" list
> does not apply since they are directly affiliated with me.
> i am going to try and opt out of as much as i can, but how do others deal
> with this annoyance?
> preston
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