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Comcast just added their High Speed Internet service to my area in the fall 
and I jumped on the intro deal. I've been using it for a few months now and 
am, overall, liking it a lot. It's so refreshing to actually get the 
bandwidth I'm paying for after 3 years of misery trying to keep marginal DSL 
byte counts flowing through major bogosity on the Bell South lines (which 
they persistently refused to fix despite my proving unusual line failures 
through 3 different service providers.) 

Also worth noting here that I made the Comcast tech setup/initialize the cable 
modem with my Linux system using Opera 6.11
We did end up making a call to the installation support techs, but quickly had 
everything working once we knew adjusted browser preferences to allow all 
cookies, allow referred cookies, and accept PROXY servers (the last being the 
point that wasn't so obvious).

Only a couple of side comments: 
-- It would be nice if there were some choices in service providers when using 
the cable TV wires; I prefer using providers that acknowledged Linux support 
and was better able to do that with DSL. Though I've no doubt that the cable 
monopoly conglomerate du jour will be raping us eventually, for now the 
service is respectable and competitive in both price and performance.
-- Comcast's web based account controls and access have worked fine with my 
preferred Linux / Opera combo, et al, (unlike BellSouth's insanely ignorant 
"you are not being Exploited" web page access browser lock outs). I can still 
make a couple small complaints, though, since there are WAY too many advert 
assaults on the Comcast log in page and that I had to write them a couple 
emails to get them to turn off their own automated spam adverts because the 
web controls don't let you do that.


On Monday 05 January 2004 18:20, Berlin Brown wrote:
> I almost have my comcast cable modem setup.  I think I just need a primary 
dns, nameserver using ips only.  Does anybody have the dns for atlanta from 
comcast, emory area.
> I cant find it on the net.  And the people at comcast wont give it to me.  
Redhat is supposed to pick it up, but it didnt?
> Funny thing, when the comcast tech came.  At first I never even thought you 
needed a windows machine(havent installed a win machine in 2 years).  Anyway 
the guy went nuts over it.  I said fine, just leave the modem, 'We can't do 
that, once you get windows up, we will send another guy out.'  B.S.!, just 
leave the modem, Ill figure it out, then he left.

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