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Matthew Brown wrote:

> Here's a good question for you sharp shooters...
> I have a mail server set up to DEFANG active HTML. This basically 
> disables all links to web content within the email, so images that are 
> linked from a web URL rather than embedded in the email itself are 
> essentially dead. The typical bad URL graphics show up in the email 
> rather than the image itself. The good thing here is that it prevents 
> a well-known spam technique, which is to track the valid recipients of 
> an email by tracking which images are loaded -- an easy thing for an 
> experienced crew of ne'er-do-wells.
> Here's the question: Should I disable this feature? It is really 
> annoying to my employees to receive email like this, but on the other 
> hand it helps us to be more hidden to spammers.
> Best Regards,
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