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Yup. I'd contact them also and let them know what happned, of course, 
supported by good documentation of the issues. If they are a reputable 
company, yeah, he might have gotten a new PROM, and maybe a mobo thrown 
in for good measure, if they want to keep good customer relations. But 
given the way tech spt seems to be going with damn near every company 
anymore, I would not have expected much, if any, action.

The $10 solution he did ultimately get was probably worth it in terms 
of lessening the aggravation level and getting back to business, but 
I'd still make sure the mobo makers get the word! Heck, maybe he'll get 
a new PROM anyway, which could then go into the old board he bought for 
the good and upgraded BIOS (the one with a bad IDE controller). Pop in 
a scsi card and drive (and RAM etc) and viola, the makings of another 
box! Ethical also, as I think they still owe him a fix for the original 

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