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On Sat, 03 Jan 2004 23:16:43 -0500
Geoffrey &lt;esoteric at 3times25.net&gt; wrote:

&gt; I've always heard that if your bios update goes south, you're screwed. 
&gt; Well, there's a first time for everything.
&gt; Updating the bios on my primary box, all was going well, then the screen 
&gt; goes blank and the machine begins to cycle through my cd drives.  First 
&gt; one appears like it's being accessed, then the 2nd.  It just keeps doing 
&gt; this.  I know you're not supposed to shut the box down during a bios 
&gt; update, but after 30 minutes, I figured it's toast anyway.
&gt; So, it appears this mb has a replaceable bios chip.  Is this a possible 
&gt; solution, or am I looking at a piece of artwork now?
&gt; --
&gt; until later, Geoffrey
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