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[ale] Indian outsourcing

On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 08:01:30PM -0600, ChangingLINKS.com wrote:
> Write a program that will make you millions of dollars. This takes creativity. 

No; it takes a lot more than creativity.  It takes a boatload of hard 
work, patience, perseverence, and excellent timing.  Not to mention a 
certian degree of luck -- the "right place at the right time" factor.

> I trully believe that any one of us could come up with an idea that could 
> make everyone on this list a millionare. The problem is most of us are 
> chuckling right along side you. . .

Ideas are worthless.  It's the [successful] execution of those ideas 
that is more than worth the toilet paper they're printed on. 

How many people here have a stock certificate or two for a company with 
an idea; maybe even a great idea, but didn't make it?  

> The Game is played by everyone who exchanges time for money. 

Ah, now I see where we differ.  To me, "The Game" is about making the 
most amount of money with the least amount of effort and/or risk, no 
holds barred.

When you already have lots of money, "The Game" is ludicrously easy.  
You only end up taking risks when you get greedy.

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