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[ale] An Indian perspective on Indian outsourcing

"Vaidhy Mayilrangam" <vaidhy at loonys.net> writes:

> To take an analogy with medical profession, you had witch doctors who
> become unschooled doctors who became educated in medicine to become
> surgeons who became specialists and now ultra-specialists. Is the
> profession stopped now? There is still so much we do not know and it
> keeps on growing...I do not see why this would not work for IT industry
> as well. There are still so many domains that people can master. 

That is a very good point. I, for example, have very little concern
about my job being offshored, because I have a lot of domain knowledge
about a very specialized domain (automated traffic management), and my
employer values that. If you've already got the IT skills, acquiring
specialized domain knowledge is not that hard.  You just have to pick
the right domain, and be prepared to do some grunt-work while you
acquire the necessary expertise.

Thanks for the perspective, Vaidhy.


-- Joe Knapka

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