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[ale] Indian outsourcing

On Jan 29, 2004, at 11:52 PM, Bob Toxen wrote:
> Kerry was "my" junior senator for my 10 years in Massachusetts.  Next 
> to
> Ted Kennedy, he's probably the only candidate that could get me to vote
> for Bush.  He has all of Bush's honesty, concern for the middle class,
> and general morality, in my opinion.  He just approaches it from the 
> other
> direction.

If you're going to vote for the current system, vote for Kerry, or 
Bush. That's how I look at it, anyways.

> Even if that's your politics, he is not electible -- due to all of 
> this.

I think he's possibly electable, I just don't know if I'd see much 
point in voting for either. :-)