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[ale] introduction

"John Wells" <jb at devsea.com> writes:

> Jerald, can't speak for the schooks, but here's what to expect in Atlanta:
> Work 24x7x365 and 55-65 hrs/wk.
> Kids get up at 5am to be bussed all over town.
> You get up at 4:30am to be able to make it to office by 7:30am (welcome to
> Atlanta traffic).

I found that in Atlanta, "get up at 8:30 to be able to make it to the
office by 10am" was way less stressful. But my employer was very easy
about time issues (especially since, yes, 50-hour weeks were not
unusual; they weren't too picky about *which* 50 hours).

These days, it's "get up at 8:30 to be able to make it to the office
by 8:32". Everyone should telecommute, and every employer of
desk-jockeys should support it.


-- Joe Knapka

I'm gonna do everything / silver and gold / but I got to
hurry up before I grow to old. -- Joe Strummer, 1952 -- 2002
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