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[ale]OT It begins...

> (Psst: "Harvesting".)
> As far as this list not having rudimentary email shielding, I'd bother 
> complaining, if my

Don't mean to cut you off, but, I am hoping I can sell you on the idea that 
the ALE should have a list that doesn't condone/endorse/allow/encourage 

> email addy wasn't on the net unshielded a few 
> hundred thousand times already.

Perhaps that address is "trashed" but some other members could have just 
changed their email address, and a new member just signed up.
ALE bumper sticker:  "Post if you want spam ;-)"
If nothing else, it is just very bad Netiquette to offer up every member's 
email address. Most members know it (for example, see the comment section of 
the blog article posted earlier) - we just don't do it as a group.

> *shrug* Use a Bayesian filter, be done 
> with it.

Ain't tha new spam trying to "poison" those?
//never used such a filter and trying to prevent the need for one.

> Oh, and take the Boulder Pledge.
> -Bop

Wishing you Happiness, Joy and Laughter,
Drew Brown