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[ale] introduction

Jerald Sheets wrote:

>Primarily the schools.  EBR Parish school system just closed a 45 year
>old desegregation case back in August...the coffers of the school board
>are decimated.  Secondarily, the new governor.  Third:  I'm on call
>24x7x365 and work roughly 50-65 hrs/wk.  Finally, my kids both get up at
>5AM to be bussed all over town.
>It's kind of a no-brainer for my family.

My father and brother live in Baton Rouge. I grew up in south Georgia, 
but went to LSU for four years. My brother is a software developer, 
currently unemployed... maybe he needs to hear about the job opening 
created when you leave! :-)) Or not, he's a Windows guy.

There are a lot of transplanted Louisianians in Atlanta.



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