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[ale] LindowsOS 4.5 - not bad for a newbie OS

I recently built a computer system with the plans of giving it to my father for christmas, 
(after I used it for testing purposes for several months to make sure it was burned in properly *grins* )

The system I built for him had the following hardware:

micro-atx desktop case
Amptron KM266 Socket A motherboard
integrated KM266 savage agp video card (8 megs allocated)
Integrated AC97 Sound
Integrated 10/100 NIC
AMD Athlon XP 1700 Thoroughbred Revision B type CPU with Stock CPU Fan
256 Megs PC133 low profile Ram
48X liteon CD-Rom
3.5" floppy drive.

I purchased a lifetime membership to the LindowsOS click'n'run library over on their http://www.choicepc.com website with the intentions of
installing LindowsOS 4.5 onto this computer for my father.

You have to understand, this is not the first computer my father has owned, but every other time he has had a computer with windows on it 
and he was so deathly afraid of messing it up that he simply would not use the computer at all. Ultimately we would wind up selling 
his computer for him to get it out of the way.

I gave this computer to my father but other than hiding the root account and setting up a regular account to use the system I didn't make any other

I hooked him into the internet thru the network card, luckly for him my Brother (who lives with him) has DSL internet.

I told him that he could not mess up the system to the point that it could not be fixed so long as he did not log in with the root account 
which I had hidden from him. I also showed him how to use the tutorials so he could figure things out. I also encouraged him to play with his
and learn as much about it as he could, and explained to him that 90% of the knowledge that I had was from doing the same thing.

While I don't think I will be using LindowsOS 4.5 on any of my personal systems, I think this distro is a step in the right direction for getting 
Linux onto every desktop. It is very simple to show someone how to use.

My father loves his new computer and you can't keep him off of it.

If anyone here has any questions or comments about Lindowsos let's hear em.