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[ale] RE: [OT] introduction

> On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 09:11:52AM -0600, Preston Boyington wrote:
> > wow, Bay Minette has computers?  next thing you know you 
> will have one
> > of those indoor outhouses...
> Actually, No.  I think my laptop may be the first Linux box 
> in the city
> limits.
> There /is/ a computer help shop on the square in Bay Minette, 
> but I have
> no idea what they do.
> -- 
> michael d. ivey 

i talked with a person at a local computer company (about two months ago)
and was just trying to find if anyone in this area used Linux/BSD's so i
could find some folks to aggravate (locally).  after politely listening to
how M$ was the only _real_ choice for computers the young man says "we got a
guy here that uses Linux 8, he's been using it for a few weeks so he should
be able to answer any question you may have."

"wow, that's pretty interesting.  i only run Debian 3" says i "maybe when i
come in sometime i can pick his brain"

err, i recently passed by their shop and it is now for rent.  surely this
guy is making a fortune with "Linux 8", heck i've just got interested in

i will assume that his "Linux 8" was RedHat 8, but it didn't seem a prudent
point to make at the time.