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[ale] Strategies for OS code in the Enterprise

On Windows or Linux ?  My Windows Apache was borked because of Nusphere's
Apache is not the correct/req'd version and I couldn't shake it (perhaps if
I installed Oracle then Oracle's Apache would take over).  However, the
other stuff worked ok on Windows, so I think that once I get separation
between Nusphere and Apache it will work ok.

I an in the process of converting my Linux file server to use Subversion,
but it won't be done for another week or so.

Overall, it looks good (can't be any worse than Source Safe ... yuck ...)


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> Greg said:
> > You might want to look at Subversion (a better CVS).  That is what I am
> > going to here - it even has a Windows version for those poor MS
> developers
> > who cannot/don't want Visual SourceSafe.  It is supposed to fix many
> > problems that CVS has.  It is at http://subversion.tigris.org/  . It is
> > under a BSD/Apache style license.
> Greg,
> Any luck with this?  Are you currently using it?
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