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[ale] Indian outsourcing

> This is the biggie. It's *really* hard to develop a truly
> innovative and *useful* product without more-or-less real-time
> feedback from the client. I don't care if you build be what
> I specified, I'd rather you built me what I *want*.
> Cheers,
> -- Joe Knapka

However, for the amount of money that is saved by offshoring, a major company 
can afford to fly the project manager overseas. This is barring the fact that 
detailed emails, IRC, and other forms of communication are often sufficient.

If a company *knows* what they want, they can simply spend the time writing 
out a very detailed spec upfront. A good practice when working with US or 
offshore coders.
Wishing you Happiness, Joy and Laughter,
Drew Brown