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[ale] OS Approval system?


We need a document approval system in place here at my company.  There's
so much paper that flows around the office to get signatures that we could
eliminate if we had a system in place that would allow people to sign off
in a designated order.

What I envision is this:

You login, create a request (purchasing, whatever), which can either
contain the content of the request or simply include an attached document,
and then you choose those people in your organization that have to approve
it and a set order.

Then, say I've selected three people to be approvers.  I save the request,
and the system emails person #1.  They login, view the request, and
approve it.  Then, an email is sent automatically to person #2, notifying
them that a request is waiting in their queue.  And so on, and so forth.

I'm neck deep in implementing Issue Tracker (www.issue-tracker.com) as our
incident management system already, and am considering adding this
functionality to it.  However, if other "wheels" exist out there, I'd like
to give them a go first before I reinvent.

Anyone know of anything like this out there?

Thanks for the help, as always!