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[ale] Forensics CD?

> On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Robert L. Harris wrote:
> > A while back I found a LiveCD similar to Knoppix but layed 
> out for doing
> > serious diagnostics and forensics on a system.  I'm trying 
> to poke into
> > a box and make sure nothing has been messed with.  Anyone 
> have any good
> > links on similar LiveCD's?
> FIRE's probably the best of those <http://fire.dmzs.com/>
> later,
> chris
another LiveCD I have used is EBCD.  I haven't looked at it lately, but can
only assume that it has improved.

Website - http://www.ebcd.i-am.ru

it that doesn't work try:

URL  = "http://www.t4k.org/~ebcd/

if i remember correctly it also has free "personal" versions of Norton Ghost
and Partition Magic.  Again, haven't looked in a while so things may have

- preston