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[ale] Dell Latitude CPt: Sound chip module not loading

Actually I had a worse problem I wasn't aware of until 
attempting to check out where I stood on modprobing the 
current module this morning.  I found that no modules except 
reiserfs were loaded.  None at all.  So the PCMCIA card, the 
cdrom, and the floppy were all unavailable, much less the 
sound system.  What had happened was that I had kept /boot 
from being mounted on boot since normally it isn't needed. 
But, a Yast2 online update needs that mounted and doesn't 
check for it when upgrading the kernel.  Uh-oh!!

Anyway, I had the old kernel in /boot but a /lib/modules 
with the new kernel tree.  So, I had to boot with the rescue 
system on the first CD.  After this I used the gentoo 
install docs to remind myself how to setup a chrooted 
environment using the filesystems on the disk.  I didn't 
have env-update since this is SUSE and not Gentoo, so I ran 
/etc/init.d/boot.ldconfig instead.  I could run Yast2 and 
reinstall the original kernel rpm at this point.  I got back 
to normal after that and went after the ALSA upgrade.  I 
have /boot mounting all the time now so I won't forget or 
have an auto-update foul the machine up again.

Dow Hurst wrote:
> Pizza,
> Thanks for the advice!  SUSE 9.0 had 0.9x version of ALSA. The 
> packman.links2linux.org had 1.0.2 ALSA and ALSA-tools in SUSE rpm's.  I 
> configured with Yast2 after installing the rpms.  In the advanced setup 
> for the sound card I chose to enable and set the snd_viao hack and 
> ac97_force.  The module inserted into the kernel without crashing or 
> locking the machine!  Tested out fine on a cold reboot without locking 
> up during module insertion.  This is great!  Thanks,
> Dow
> Stuffed Crust wrote:
>> On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 09:27:48AM -0500, Dow Hurst wrote:
>>> I have a Dell Latitude CPt 333MHz notebook with the Neomagic 256AV/ZX 
>>> sound and video chip, specifically the NM2360. 
>> I had one of these.. man was it finiky.
>> I had it working with the in-kernel nm256 driver, but only on cold 
>> boots.  ALSA at the time locked my laptop with its nm556 driver, but I 
>> believe they fixed that a little while back.
>> Grab the current ALSA sources and try that; the drivers that come with 
>> any distribution are out of date.  :)
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