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[ale]OT It begins...

> Your solution "use a special email address" is not acceptable. I am doing that 
> now, and when I did it before, my email account x3 at ChangingLINKS.com 
> eventually got overrun with spam. I realize that eventually the email address 
> that I am using now to post will also be overrun. Ironically, I also realize 
> that the only list that exposes me to volumes of spam is ALE.
> We shall overcome.

Install a spam filter - I like spamassassin.  Use procmail.  Spam is a fact and 
isn't going to be easily defeated, and asking for technical solutions when none 
exist (or can exist: you can't have your cake and eat it, expecting openness *and* 
security from nefarious types) isn't going to do much about it, I'm afraid.

George Carless ... kafka at antichri.st
Words are just dust in deserts of sound