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[ale] Coupla RedHat/KDE warts

ALErs -

I'm running KDE on RedHat-7.3 and would like to turn off two settings
(locally or globally).

 1. I don't want the CD to autorun when loaded (usually brings up a file 
 2. I want to disable the automatic inquiry whether to open something
    with a web browser - or at least learn how to clear it's little
    memory. (Once I've selected a text area that KDE thinks _might_ be a 
    web site, it offers to open _some_ @#$%!! location just about every
    time I click the mouse!!)

This type of $%#^!! is perhaps a 'must have' for MsWIn users, but not for 


 - John Mills
   john.m.mills at alum.mit.edu